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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Global Forum?

A: The Global Forum for National Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Advisory Bodies is a network of national councils for sustainable development, commissions, and similar multi-stakeholder bodies.  Some have a governmental mandate, some are SDG Units within national governments, and others are not yet formally recognized by their government but nevertheless work in a cooperative manner with the government to shape national sustainable policy-making in a constructive manner.  Others are multi-stakeholder bodies that aspire to become national councils for sustainable development or similar helpful advisory bodies.

Q: When was the Forum officially established?

A: The Global Forum was officially established on 25 September 2019, when it was launched at the United Nations SDG Summit in New York. The launch also recognized the Global Forum as one of 147 SDG Acceleration Actions for the Decade of Action and Delivery for Sustainable Development introduced at the Summit.

Q: Where can I find the Forum’s SDG Acceleration Actions Pledge?

A: The pledge can be found on the United Nation’s SDG Partnerships Platform.  The launch event can also be viewed on UN Web TV.

Q: What is the Purpose of the Forum?

A: Together, the Membership of the Global Forum will cooperate to foster the co-creation of knowledge, develop common pathways to deliver actionable SDG acceleration in their countries and regions, and support context-sensitive (a degree of program, geographic or other-specific flexibility) learning for current and future Members.  The Members will jointly act towards supporting their respective governments during the coming Decade of Action to deliver the Global Goals as outlined in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Q: Is the Forum a company or other legal entity?

A: No, the Global Forum for National SDG Advisory Bodies is not a company or a legal entity. It is a network comprised of its Members, but facilitated by a dedicated secretariat and governed by an Advisory Council formed of its founders and other partners.  The founders are The Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE), Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future, and the United Nations Office of Intergovernmental Support and Coordination for Sustainable Development of UN DESA.

Q: Who are the Members?

A: The first cohort of Members are those organizations and governments that endorsed or otherwise supported the Global Forum in the run-up to the SDG Summit 2019 acceleration action pledge. They are included as such on the SDG Acceleration Actions webpage and are as follows:

African Philanthropic Foundation (Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform) (Civil Society Organisation), Allianza ONG (NGO), British Columbia Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC) (NGO), CENN – Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (NGO), Centro de Pensamiento Estratégico Internacional – CEPEI (NGO), Childolesent & Family Survival Organization-Women’s Rights Action Group (CAFSO-WRAG) (NGO), City of Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Local Government), Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development (CSCSD) (Civil Society Organisation), Consell Assessor per al Desenvolupament Sostenible (Advisory Council for Sustainable Development of Catalonia) (Government), Egyptian Arab Land Bank (Private Sector), European Environment and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils (EEAC), Finnish Commission for Sustainable Development (Government), Forus (NGO), Gestos (NGO), High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda, Spain (Government), Institute of La Francophonie for Sustainable Development (IFDD) (Intergovernmental Organization), International Foundation for Rural Development (IFRD) (NGO), Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Republic of Namibia (Government), NFFT-Hungarian National Council for Sustainable Development (Government), Österreichischer Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (The Austrian Council for Sustainable Development) (NGO), Philippine Social Enterprise Network (PhilSEN) (NGO), QualityNet Foundation (NGO), Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung, RNE (the German Council for Sustainable Development) (Government), SDG Charter Network (NGO), SDGs Kenya Forum for Sustainable Development (Civil Society Organisation), SÜRATAM-Turkish Centre for Sustainable Production, Research, and Design (Private Sector), The Business Alliance for Development (AED) (Private Sector), The Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) (Government), The National Council of the Environment and Sustainable Development/CNADS (Government), Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development (UCSD) (NGO), UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (NGO), United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (Intergovernmental Organization), Youth Advocates Ghana (YAG) (NGO).

Q: Is there a fee or a financial commitment linked to becoming a Member or Affiliate Member of the Forum?

A: We are considering three Membership categories, discussed with the Members during the Forum’s February 2020 inaugural meeting in Bogotá, Columbia. While they are not yet formally agreed, it is envisioned that one category will not require a financial contribution. More to come once a formal membership fee structure is agreed upon.

Q: How do the Global Forum Members communicate with the Secretariat and each other?

A: The Global Forum Advisory Council is in the process of approving a draft communications strategy.  When implemented, it will include multiple platforms by which Members can communicate with the Secretariat and each other.  For now, the primary source of Global Forum information and news can be found on its website,, and on Twitter at @GF_SDGadvisory.